Forum Thread: How much can palms be read via photo or ink print?

Must a read be live to really achieve the goal?

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Hi Amie , Thankyou for your comment !   Palmistry is divided into two studies or schools of thought .

1)  Future predicting and event recording , This system uses the hand as a 'Life Map' This system uses mainly the lines on the hand to predict events. The timed  position where the line breaks or changes course or where other lines collide called (chance Lines) is recorded , and marks and signs in different positions on the hand  have a bearing too.

 The other School of thought so to speak is

2 )Hand Analysis - This system studies the Hand, or as its known (The Hand Proper) !  This system looks at the shape, size , colour , temperature , flexibility , And lines and their placement on the hand to deduce personality traits and certain personal trends etc...

When it comes to reading from a hand 'print', Yes,  a  lot of information can be drawn  from both schools of thought , However , When it comes to Hand Analysis' There are naturally a few blind spots , For example ,  Nails , Flexibility of digits ! (fingers)  ,  (skin texture , temperature , colour, ) Fleshiness of the Mounts etc .. 

As Palmistry is a combination of both of these schools of thought , and that both systems look at many features in the hand and boil it down to a conclusion, I would say that a  Hand print provides about 80% info for' Hand Analysis' but pretty well all you need( 97%)  for the 'Future/past  Predictive System' which uses mainly lines.  

Hand Prints are great for reading the Lines  because it shows so much more detail in the palm then just staring at the thing, so its worth shows lines you do not know that you have even got !! ;-) But for other observational  parts of the hand it can be limited. So Handprints are an essential ' Part'  but not the complete picture in regards to more personality aspects

Im preparing To do a short Video on Taking Hand prints very soon (After Fingers Part 2) !! Going to get all inked up , (Will share tips on Ink and alternative inks and even alternatives inks  that are not even inks, ! !  and HOW to get good prints that last.



A good Hand Print PLUS a good photo of the 'back' and 'front' of the hand gives plenty of information to read from ... (the Bulk)



The Difficult areas to 'read' using this print/photo method 

Flexibility of fingers ?,  ...... (elasticity of Mind)

Size of the Mounts  ? (ie different conditions/size of paticular areas of the hand,) Mounts can show prominent areas of potential ..

Thickness of hair on back of hand , ?....... (Temperament) ;-(

Capillaries of the skin' !) ? .....( Refinement towards environment )! ...

Temperature...  ?  ( Energy levels)...

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