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Forum Thread: Stars on mounds

Hello Jim, Could you kindly talk about what a star looks like on a palm? What is the significance of the existence of the star below the Ring finger and the Saturn finger?  Also, I saw 2 stars overlapping each other right below my ring finger, and am unsure what that means.

Forum Thread: The lost Book of Alchemy Released

I have always been interested in the lost knowledge of ancient times. I read various books on the topics that no longer people talk about. I have been a regular user of forgottenbooks.org and they have released some great books which had been lost in print. Last week i visited the website again and i saw that they have released a new book on Alchemy which had been lost in prints. The book of Aquarius is the name of the book and its about the knowledge and power of alchemy. I had always been i...

Forum Thread: Interesting facts And Observational Peculiarities Dept

1) The hand uses more of the Brains motor cortex  than any other part of the body ...  Hand approx  35%   compared to legs and feet 18 % .. wow 2) We are the only creature with an independent thumb co-ordination..3) The Hands are said to have Chakras that pick up  the energy of a room upon entering.4) Palm lines  could be described as a snapshot of the workings of the brain. Quite often where a person has had a head  injury there have been  noticeable changes in the palm.. especially the head...

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