Forum Thread: Interesting facts And Observational Peculiarities Dept

1) The hand uses more of the Brains motor cortex  than any other part of the body ...  Hand approx  35%   compared to legs and feet 18 % .. wow

2) We are the only creature with an independent thumb co-ordination..

3) The Hands are said to have Chakras that pick up  the energy of a room upon entering.

4) Palm lines  could be described as a snapshot of the workings of the brain. Quite often where a person has had a head  injury there have been  noticeable changes in the palm.. especially the head line.. Lines are Changing... The main lines slowly .. Chance lines can come and go .. even over a few days !!

5) It is rumoured that palmistry even predates Astrology !!! :-O

6) The lines on the hand are said to be just palmer creases due to the folding of the hand , However this does not explain the very light lines that appear and disappear .. they are like little lines of silk  reacting to mental stimuli . Some changes in other lines also can not be explained purely by the folding of the hand.  The Palm is the mirror of your brain action 'and' a few folding lines which are also the HEAD/LIFE/HEART/FATE  ... All other lines are pretty independant of 'Folding'  I will cover these minor lines in due course with equal if not higher relevance than the Major lines.   

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