Forum Thread: Do identical twins have the same palms?

I know they say they have the same fingerprints, but palms seem a bit more open to variation.

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Hi Kuzigy !! .. Twins are great to read for if you get the chance ! I had the luck of reading two identical twin sisters. I can remember a few things about the session that stuck in my mind, as that sort of Gem opportunity does not come along that often. Firstly, I am working  on the  generally accepted conclusion  that to a 9.99999 % degree we are all born with unique fingerprints and that they do not change through life,they are fixed, therefore useful to the police for identification purposes etc, and that the lines upon the hand are affected by the state and changes of the mind and health of the subject. (near identical fingerprints and hands have been reported ,but never completely identical as far as I Know) And of course there is the question of 'How identical is Identical ?' Most are very similar but there are subtle differences close up.

The Twins did have remarkably similar shaped hands,Fingers,Finger,TipsNails and skin tone, and yes, their faces were very similar, but then after  really getting down to work using both face reading and hand analysis systems the differences gradually came to bare. The main being as follows,..

Twin (1)  Had a slightly higher index finger (male) than ring finger (female)  and combined with slightly squarer hairline across her forehead her personality was a little tougher , strong, male

Twin (2) Had a higher ring finger (feminine) and a slightly rounder forehead and hairline, her whole style felt much  more feminine.

The finger prints matched near enough  on 8 out of 10  fingers . Twin (1) had two tented arches on two fingers that suggested a slightly more nervy and forward. And Twin(2) had all loops on her finger prints (easy Going Loops). It seemed that in Twin (1) the two  fingerprints that were different were very slightly pulled across a bit whilst still maintaining a large portion of the other twins print pattern on that particular finger.It almost Looked like someone  had put  felt on a chair incorrectly .!

However ,Their Major lines on their hands were not identical ,maybe a lot closer than what you may find generally amongst people, But like some of the finger prints their main lines were very slightly spiralled around a bit as if drifting.

And,  they did have very different minor lines , but as these lines are supposed to be affected by experience and being conditioned by different environments I expected that.  So I concluded that these two identical twins were in in fact probably just one digit  evolution forward and different  from each other !  One was spun round a bit from the other ! Hope this not too boring !!!

My next Video is covering .. Finger Tips , Finger Prints , Nails , and more. I will post it soon. Jim W

Jim, sorry to eavesdrop but your reply is fascinating!

Thank you for sharing.

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