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News: The MERCURY Line - Palmistry - JIM WINTER

DO YOUR EMOTIONS EFFECT YOUR COMMUNICATION ? CAN YOU HOLD YOUR BOOZE ? !! DO YOU HAVE HEALING ABILITIES ? ARE YOU THE NERVY SENSITIVE SORT ?, Come Check Out Your Mercury Line and discover this and other intensely usefull secrets.? ok>>> PALMS AT THE READY ..... AND GO !! Discover What Your Mercury Line Means In This Instruction Video... Hands at the ready... Go! Created By Jim Winter @2010

News: A Quality Handprinting Method

Incredible detail found in HandPrints How to get a great handprint that lasts for years !! ITS A MUST FOR BUDDING AND EXPERIENCED PALMISTS !!! You can see so much more than just staring at the palm. There are other ways of getting handprints including , Face paints , Lipstick, Scanners , but this is my favourite .. Ink and Roll !!!

News: A Poem To Palmistry.. (And to get me to 100% !)

WAIT, !! before you think, "Oh NO not a poem :-( ",This poem was published in 1600 !! ! :-O Called "Pamphlet on palmistry , circa 1600 AD" A voice from the past !! One of the Few !!!., POEMThus he that nature rightly understands,May from each line imprinted on his hand,His future Fate and Fortune come to know,And what path it is his feet shall go,His secret inclinations he may see,And to what vice he shall addicted be;To th' End that when he looks into his handHe may upon his guard the better...

How To: How Deep Is Your Love ? :-/

HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE ? I can almost hear the tune ! ... This little PALMISTRY 'How to Video' is dedicated to all you lovers out there. Lets hope you still are after this video, ha ha ! sorry just a little joke.. Well watch and hope you enjoy my JOURNEY THROUGH LOVE ! Dedicated also to the HOW TO team ! x x x hope you do not split up ! :-o eek !! I Commit myself ...... Editing/Music/Presentation Jim Winter @2010 Contact - ( )

News: The Fingers Intro Part 2

Hello again ! This is the second part to Fingers from a Hand Analysis perspective.Where as the first Video just covers basic introductions to the Fingers, this part two Video takes things a little bit further and examines ......Finger Shape ;- Length suggesting mental speed, Methodical or Speedy thinker ?Finger Width ;- Suggesting which level a persons interests may lay, Mental or Practical realms ?Finger Prints ;- Amazingly interesting area to explore , Fingerprints do not change.. They star...

News: Introduction To The Fingers

This is the first of two Video's introducing you to your fingers from a Hand Analysis perspective. The Fingers mainly govern the mind and thinking. Somewhere in the vast fabric of time somebody discovered that the length and inclination of each particular finger can bring out certain personality traits. I still find it amazing and satisfying to see somebody with a longer than average 'little finger'(Mercury-communication), that sticks out that can't stop talking and buzzing around all excited...

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