News: Introduction To The Fingers

Introduction To The Fingers

This is the first of two Video's introducing you to your fingers from a Hand Analysis perspective. The Fingers mainly govern the mind and thinking. Somewhere in the vast fabric of time somebody discovered that the length and inclination of each particular finger can bring out certain personality traits. I still find it amazing and satisfying to see somebody with a longer than average 'little finger'(Mercury-communication),  that sticks out that can't stop talking and buzzing around all excited and passionate compared to  the little finger close to the rest with a  hand held up like that of somebody solemnly declaring to tell the truth with fingers squeezed together perfectly, with its highly conformative owner that does what he/She is told. (And usually has ears flat against the head).

Question --Mr Winter , Now tell me, (How bendy are your digits?) what have you learnt personally that could be classed as remotely useful about 'Bendy' Fingers. ??

Answer-- I have discovered that people in a relationships with a bendy fingers are often  more likely to be the restless ones , especially if the other person has stiff fingers. The stiff fingered partner will be steadier but could also  be stubborn and bottle up !  , and the bendy fingered person will be changeable and maybe more risk taking.I am working on a video for couples compatibility so I may expand on that very soon.

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