Forum Thread: Is digit ratio a part of palmistry?

I always remember comparing my toes lengths to friends to see who had "smart" toes.

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Ha !!  interesting ... I do not get to read many toes !!  but I do not think that long or short fingers would have any bearing on intelligence ! .. shows more different types of people, with different thinking 'style's .. from 'Down to earth and practical' to 'dreamy idealistic..creative'  ... Short Thick fingers are not usually poets and long spindly fingers are not always builders !  So the Shape and size and condition  of the hand can for a start show Health , temperament and thinking style ..

It may be my imagination but when I was travelling in Northern India I noticed that many Indians have huge Big toes ... Maybe  one day Ill find a good foot reader and post their link !!

Short Toe'd People Like to hop to it  quicker ? whereas;,

Long toe'd people tend to drag their feet ?   Well its a start !

Ha ! , I have found myself researching information in response to a realization that a part of the ancient Indian  Veda's text has referance to Both Feet Reading , Hand reading AND face reading...  riviting    I shall keep you posted on this goldmine  !   Just finishing a new palm vid ... upload soon.  Jim

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